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Total Artificial Turf Pet Wee Away

250ml – £14 | 500ml – £18 | 1litre – £26 | 5 litres – £65

Pet wee Away is the perfect solution to quickly remove pet urine smells from your artificial grass permanently. It is not only perfect for artificial grass but it can also be used on carpets, furniture, mattresses, wooden floors, tiles and pet beds. Pet wee Away removes dog smells, cat smells and all pet urine smells. Pet wee Away will remove all pet urine odors including cat urine odor and dog smells safely and effectively.

When compared with other cleaning agents on the market which may simply ‘mask’ the smell of pet urine with their pungent fragrances, once dried out the smell of cat wee or dog wee will simply return. With Pet wee Away the smell cannot return as the biological action eats away at the affected area making it less likely for the animal to remark the same area as even their sensitive sense of smell will not detect previous urine marking.

Having Pet wee Away to hand provides a fast urine smell removal solution without the need for harsher cleaning agents such as bleach which simply temporarily ‘masks’ the urine smell with its strong odour.

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