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Artificial Turf Cleaning and Maintenance

Artificial Turf is low maintenance (not No maintenance as is often misquoted). This means that some infrequent work is required to ensure that it remains in the best possible condition once installed.

We have created a simple guide to follow to get the most out of your lawn and keep its life expectancy to a maximum.


What to Do

  • Remove all Leaves and debris using a leaf blower, a simple plastic rake and or a stiff brush
  • Using a light detergent, hose and brush the turf once a month to clean.
  • Remove any stains or heavy marks with warm water and washing up liquid.
  • Remove animal mess as soon as possible and wash down with water and a light detergent or using our ‘Pet Weeaway’ products.
  • Get yourself an expert maintenance aftercare plan from Total Artificial Turf.

What Not to Do

  • Do not take sharp objects or broken glass onto the turf. Not only is this dangerous to yourself and can cause injury, it can also damage the surface of the artificial turf.
  • No Chewing Gum or adhesives!
  • No Heavy items should be left on the turf such as motorcycles, cars and other vehicles.
  • Do not use an open source of heat or fire on your artificial turf. BBQ’s, Fires, Fireworks, Chimeneas and Smoking can melt the artificial turf as it is made from polyethylene (a form of plastic). Once melted the damage is permanent!

Artificial Turf Maintenance Service


We offer an expert aftercare programme for your installed artificial lawn area were we follow-up, clean and maintain your lawn on a regular 6 months basis.

During our visits we will maintain the turf by checking and cleaning the pile, remove leaves and other debris and check for any damaged areas.

In the unlikely event that the turf has come loose or lifted, we will repair and re-fix that area.

Aftercare Package

Let Total Artificial Turf look after your newly installed lawn with a maintenance plan.

Our experts will check, clean and maintain your lawn twice a year to ensure it stays looking great!

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Pet Wee Away Prices

Prices start from £13.59 inc VAT and Delivery!

  • 250ml – £13.59 – economy bottle providing 500ml once diluted.
  • 500ml – £17.19 – provides 1litre once diluted.
  • 1litre –  £25.39 – essential size for cat & dog owners

Order Pet Wee Away

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Cleaning Products – Pet Wee Away

Pet wee Away is the perfect solution to quickly remove pet urine smells from your artificial grass permanently.

It is not only perfect for artificial grass but it can also be used on carpets, furniture, mattresses, wooden floors, tiles and pet beds.

Pet wee Away removes dog smells, cat smells and all pet urine smells.

Pet wee Away will remove all pet urine odors including cat urine odor and dog smells safely and effectively.

When compared with other cleaning agents on the market which may simply ‘mask’ the smell of pet urine with their pungent fragrances, once dried out the smell of cat wee or dog wee will simply return.

With Pet wee Away the smell cannot return as the biological action eats away at the affected area making it less likely for the animal to remark the same area as even their sensitive sense of smell will not detect previous urine marking.

Having Pet wee Away to hand provides a fast urine smell removal solution without the need for harsher cleaning agents such as bleach which simply temporarily ‘masks’ the urine smell with its strong odour.